An American Werewolf In Paris

AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS Review by Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire December 9, 1997 RATING: V8 (Add two snaps and a twist!) (Ratings are V1-V13)

AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS Review by Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire December 9, 1997 RATING: V8 (Add two snaps and a twist!) (Ratings are V1-V13)

THE MOVIE: This is a fan's film for the 20-something crowd from get-to-got. The marketing on AWP is gonna go through the roof and, even though the film's not even out yet, there are websites popping up all over.

THE PRAISES: The visuals are fantastic and the cast (while relatively unknown) is perfect for the story. The setting in Paris is trend neveau. Brad (Vince Vieluf) is the undead best friend with a major Mary Kay face problem, Serafine (Julie Delpy) is every red-blooded-American-boy's (CENSORED) dream, which is aptly represented in Andy (Tom Everette Scott).

Tom's portrayal of a vulnerable Andy opposite the too-hip jock, Chris (Phil Buckman) is a really cool depiction of what guys are really about. I'm sorry, I just can't say enough about the quick witted Brad who could possibly find solice in Amy (Julie Bowen) since they have the same facialist. Both had me in stitches... which they could have used a few of.

The special effects makeup is reminescent of Tom Savini's style about 10 years ago... another refreshing change from relying strictly upon CGI. The gags are classic horror and over all a darned good job.

The wolf effects of blending puppet and costume to CGI effects were, over all, seamless. There were a few moments of blurred and obvious "morphings" here and there. On the other hand, I've seen a WHOLE lot worse.

Oh, by the way, the story's great too. Classic horror with a love plot for flavour. Get's me every time. The usual token T&A thrown in for good measure but not over done.

THE DIRT: It's in poor taste that David Naughton (American Werewolf in London) wasn't given, at the very least, a cameo or flashback. After all, AWL kicked special FX booties all over the place when it made it's debut and it was Naughton who sold the gag for them. But, that's typical Hollywood.

There are some technical blunders viewers will enjoy finding. Look for fuzzy boom mikes (or maybe they were fuzzy bats?), some continuity holes, and did that sewer wall move?

Costuming was too trendy and will date the film, but then so did AWL, and it became a classic.

There is a down side. I predict the dark "what have we got to live for" croonies will have "Club De La Lune" underground joints all over the place by the time the film comes out. Thus, giving straight laced media fodder for "what's wrong with their generation" arguments. For those guys, I say, "HEY! It's only a fudgin' movie! Get a life... and put me on the guest list!"

THE EVENING: It was a night of olde Hollywood... celebrities arriving in limos at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, then transported to the Mann's Chinese theater (You know, the place with the footprints?) in hearses... met by paparazzi, fans and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

THE AMBIANCE: Hollywood Pictures spared little expense in the appearances of the evening and added atmosphere with thunder and lightening effects, special facades, and fuzzy red carpet. Even in the uncharacteristic freezing night temps, the lines still went around the building for those waiting to get in.

THE FOOD: Hollywood Pictures even went so far as to provide a free popcorn and drink for their VIP guests. How classy! There was no rubber chicken dinner, either. In fact, there was no dinner at all, (forget what the invitation said) which is probably why they gave us free popcorn and a drink. (Shame on you, Scrooge McDuck.)

THE FOLKS: The folks we met were great! Many of our olde buddies were in attendance: The charming Angus Scrimm (Phantasm, Vampirella), Sybil Danning and Debbie Dutch (Horror Queens Extraordinaire), Paul Marco (Kelvin the Cop, Plan 9) and, of course, yours truly was the guest of Reggie Bannister (Phantasm, Wishmaster). Of course, in retro, we later found that a poll was taken at the Hollywood Pics office as to folks favorite horror films or stars, and that's who was invited. (.. hmmm. Was that good or bad?) Among the hopelessly obviously missing was our pal, David Naughton, of the original American Werewolf In London fame. To snub him in a cameo was one thing... to snub him from the party - not kewl. Hopefully, he was just too busy to attend.

Elvira, looking as svelt as ever and freezing her bunnies off, was assisted by local radio, KPWR106, and her ushers and usherettes - some looking dead on their feet... or is that "undead?" - to lead us through to the theater which was filled to overflowing and required an additional theater opened.

Victor Vieluf (Brad) is a die-hard Phantasm Phan, and Julie Delpy (Serafine) is a truly gracious and lovely creature in life as well as on screen. As for the rest of cast and crew in attendance, we weren't real sure who was who and were, pretty much, snubbed. So, with our usual flare, we grabbed Dutch, Paul, Angus and a few others and made our own party. A few honorable mentions are Den and Lisa (Disney and Touchtone, respectively) who were total dreams.


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