Love That's Gone:
Music Video VHS
Gigi Fast Elk Porter (president & CEO of Production Magic, Inc.) and
Reggie Bannister (Vince President, Production Magic, Inc.)
wrote and co-produced this music video protesting the
commercial slaughter of the Yellowstone National Park buffalo.
It is seen around the world at film festivals.
Reggie and Gigi Fast Elk rallied family, fans, and friends, took action,
and Love That's Gone is the result. The song, "Love That's Gone,"
which was written by Reggie, is from his album, Fool's Paradise.
The video is performed by Reggie, with a commentary by Gigi Fast Elk,
and features Native American traditional and fancy dancers
- including the family of Will Sampson (Poltergeist)
- and a cameo appearance by Vernon Wells (Road Warrior).
"Love That's Gone," was filmed on location in California at Irvine Regional Park and Catalina Island.
Gigi Fast Elk Porter is vegetarian, Native American, a horror hostess, writer, and independent producer. Reggie is a vegetarian and has been a professional musician for many, many years.
While penning a final scene of a script involving the White Buffalo,Gigi and Reggie learned of the Yellowstone slaughter. After that, the concept for the project "just fell into place for us."
As a result of their efforts in the Native American community, Gigi Fast Elk and Reggie's company, Production Magic, Inc, has has been asked to participate in the production of William Shatner's (Star Trek) Hollywood Charity Horse Show and other Animal Rights and Native American projects over the years.
Photos below are some of the images used in
"Love That's Gone," courtesy of
Meghan Fay and Mike Mease, Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers.
All rights reserved.
Heads and hides offered at auction of slaugthered Yellowstone Buffalo.
These were from an auction SIX (6) MONTHS prior to it being legal for Montana to do so.
Monies received from the illegal commerical slaugther and auction held by Montana
went directly to the Montana Department of Livestock.
"When the Buffalo stands on one leg, it will mark the end 
of our way of life."
- Author unknown.
Buy the "Love That's Gone" video to educate
your friends, family, fans, and officials about the Truth.
It's out there!
"Love That's Gone," is available on VHS for $12 US plus $5 shipping.
HOWEVER, it is still available on 3/4 inch format
for viewing on cable access channels or for study.
$25 plus $3 shipping.
A portion of the proceeds benefit Native American charities.
(WARNING: Contains graphic scenes of slaughter and cruelty to Buffalo.)
For more information contact:
Production Magic, Inc.
4450 California Place PMB 315
Long Beach, CA 90807
(562) 428-7966 or e-mail:
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