Do you wanna be a comicbook artist or writer?

I want YOU to help design and write a superhero comicbook using stories of Vampi (remember I'm vegetarian) and Native American Indian folklore (that's old Indian stories-n-stuff).

Here's how!

Search the internet for information about Native American Indian culture. (Get your school or friends to help!) I'm Comanche (Like my ancestor, Quannah Parker.) but you can create characters from other Nations (there's hundreds!). The term "tribes" is not quite right. It goes "Nation" (like, Comanche), "Tribe" (Like, Kwahadi), and "Clan" (Like, Parker - your family). Each person has their own Regalia (which means fancy duds) and each Nation their own colors. Each person dances the dance of their animal spirit at pow wow and gatherings.

Tell me all about your character and what animal spirit guides you have. Animals spirit guides are what we call upon to help us solve problems in life. Sometimes they visit us in our dreams or in everyday life. Each animal belongs to their own Nation. Even the Mesquito Nation! We show respect for all Animal Nations. Even when we must use an animal for food or clothing (I prefer veggie hot dogs, myself), we say prayer and give thanks for their lives. That is our way. Vampi's animal spirit is the Bat - for adaptibility and "rebirth."

I use old world values to fight in the modern world to preserve Native American Indian culture, for my animal brothers and sisters, and for Grandmother Earth. I gives thanks to Grandpa Creator everyday using white sage and sweetgrass to carry her message to them.

The bad guys are people who want to harm Grandmother Earth, or the animal Nations (even the Human Nation). I try not to be violent, but, I do lose my temper sometimes. There's an old Shaman, named Saginaw, who helps me out and reminds me of what's right.

Weapons. Vampi is skilled in many weapons, kinda like a lady McGuyver. I'm agile and can do neat stuff with a sword - I'm not into blood though, it's messy. I mostly use my head to get out of tricky situations. I'm not really sure, sometimes, that I'm all that cool of a "hero." I'm just a poor bat child trying to make a difference.

So, can you help me out? Send me your ideas and we'll talk. I'm sure I can come up with some cool gifts if we get something going. EEEEE ya later, aligator!:} Email: VAMPI

Production Magic, Inc.

Frightfully yours,


The Vegetarian Vampire

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