How to be a "veggie."

1.     Absolutely NO DEAD ANIMAL MEAT OR PRODUCTS. That includes chicken, shellfish, fish, mammals... basically, anything with a face or fins.

2.    Animal products include things like gelatin and enzymes.

Gelatin is made from bones, hooves, bone marrow, etc. and is used in Jell-O products, processed fillings for donuts, marshmallows, marshmallow fillings, like that. We have substitutions.

Enzymes - well... it's your call, they're the active cells from the stomach lining of an unborn calf. (HOW do people think of these things?) These critters are in so many modern products (especially dairy) that it's hard to avoid them entirely. Sour cream, milk, yogurt, cheeses all contain enzymes. SO... there are recipes that contain them in this book. Hopefully, the Cow Nation will forgive me.

3.    Being a vegetarian does not mean you're a rabbit! It's not all carrots and zucchini... (Carrots are for my eyes, and zucchini's `cause I'm fond of Italians.) Many of the recipes here contain wonderful meat replacement products, spices, and pastas that have pleased even the heartiest of neanderthals.

4.    Not all vegetarians are alike.

                Lacto Ovo:  Means you eat eggs and dairy products. That's me!

                Vegans:    No eggs, no dairy products. Too strict for my blood
                So to speak.

                Fruitarians:    Just that, nuts and fruit... your basic bird fare.