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Vampi's trademarked signature. Animation added by Dick Olson. Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire - hostess of Nightmarez Cafe. Photo copyright 1997 by Gigi Porter. Border graphic by Dick Olson. 
I love you, too, man.  
But, you ain't gettin' my V8!

Vampi photo copyright 1997 by Gigi Porter. Photo by Tom Farrell. Enhancements by Rob Long.Welcome to my digs! (Such as they are.) Now that you're here, take a load off and let's visit awhile. Who knows what we might cook up? Someone might stop by that you're just dyin' to sit and chew the carrot with!   `Cause you never know who you might meet here at...  Nightmarez Cafetm!

If my place seems a little bare, ya'll can blame the darned movers. Seems they lost all my furniture! Last time I heard, it was down in Ensenada... If you happen to see it, let me know, won't ya? Jeeze, you'd think I was Carmen San Diego!  If ya'll wanna help me look... you can play the Vampi game!

"Where in the world is my furniture?"Vampi's place is a little sparse... Photo by Tom Farrell. Copyright 1997 by Gigi Porter
The NCTV theme is Spiderwoman written by Reggie Bannister and Bill Cone. CLICKfor Vampi's fan poll.  This site wouldn't mean a thing if is wasn't for you. So...Ya'll be sure to take my poll now, ya hear?
Perhaps you're wonderin' what a bat girl like me is doin' in a place like this... Well, you see, I'm Native American, Vegetarian, and Politically Incorrect. I can tell ya, it ain't easy being a vegetarian vampire!

I have a pet monster, "Fluffy," who lives in the basement... for  a VERY good reason!


I host a "celebrity horror chat show" called (You have to guess?) NIghtmarez Cafe Tv!   Cheryl Duran (the originator of NC and publisher of Monster News) was our founding Executive Producer... and a very, very nice person.  Reggie Bannister (Phantasm) is the Director (and my best bud) and my (DVC) videographer-extraordinaire is Joe Garcia also known as "Count Ramone Ramone - The Puerto Rican Vampire.NCTV

If ya'll don't get NCTV on your local cable, and ya' wanna bring Vampi a little closer ta' home, ya'll can order VHS copies from right here! Just click on the little film thingy to find out all about it! 


We've had some pretty neat folks on NCTV... you might wanna check out who we've dug up since the show began in 1997. It's really kinda neat... just click on the little doo-dad here...

Like all good little talk show hosts, I'm writing a book... a cookbook, of course. "Vampi's Celebrity Vegetarian Recipe Cookbook"! A feast for the soul, the tum-tum, and the collector, this is THE cookbook of all celebrity cookbooks! We've even added a little recipe for the Holidays... Hey! I'm a vegetarian, not a RABBIT!
Vampi image copyright 1997 by Gigi Porter. Photo by Reggie Bannister.
  If ya'll ever wondered... what in Halloween a vegetarian vampire would eat... ya'll should visit the  Gardenburger page... mmmmMMMM!  Since I like to write so much (Yeah, sure!), and I have this show, "we" (i.e. the Director) decided I should also do film reviews... Vampi's "An American Werewolf In Paris" Film Review!
This is NOT David Naughton... But he IS a very, very neat little pup.
  I also wrote a story about a dearly departed friend.
Tribute to Elisabeth Brooks "The Howling" as seen in Femme Fatales July 1998.
Also wrote "The Woman of Phantasm: It's a Different Take!" It's a behind the scenes look at...well, the women in front of the camera and behind the scenes of Phantasm!  Phantasm IV is coming out this fall... You're not gonna wanna miss it.... BOOYYYYs (or girls). Reggie's BACK in his starring role!
And, because I OBVIOUSLY have too much time on my hands, I reviewed 
... and it wasn't pretty!

Here's a little somethin' for the kid in us all. A page dedicated to our favorite holiday of the year `round here... HALLOWEEN!  It's got lots of kewl stuff, pictures, links to games, ghoolie recipes, HAUNTED HOUSES, and more!

Whether you want to be a ghost, a witch, or a vampire, you can find the best halloween costumes online!


Ya'll gotta visit my friend, Reggie Bannister's, site for his music publishing company, "Y'a Doggie Music." He's got a CD that kicks big bootie and the words to some of his songs are there. His piece, "Have You Seen It?" is going to be on the roll up for Phantasm IV: Oblivion!

If you're still bored and need something to do while you're waitin' on the cappuccino... ya'll can give me a holler. But, hey, ya'll keep it clean, ya hear? ...We got kids in here!
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For you bigger folks that want a little less talk and a lot more action, ya'll can check out my photo gallery... theres also a biography and "stat" page for you intellectuals. It's okay. They might be "racey," but, there ain't no nudies or nothin'...
It ain't PC and it is PG.
But, there ain't no nudes `cuz...  sometimes ya just gotta leave somethin' to the imagination.
`Know what I mean?
Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire
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Vampi Stat Sheet
Vampi - Bio

Vampi and her buddy.Through the medicine bowl!
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I have a special fondness for Uncle Forey! Long, long ago, in a land far, far away (Texas, actually), Uncle Forey gave the "Vampi" her start. He approved the red Vampi costume, the name and the association. Uncle Forey's a regular guest on NCTV and has always been there for me... and he's still a cutie after all these years! Forrest J. Ackerman's site...
Count Gore de Vol gave Vampi her first speakin' role on Creature Feature. (Who knew I'd have a Texas drawl!) Glad ta say, the Count's back! Fangs for the mammories, Count!
  Vampi Wants You! Are you a comicbook writer or artist?
Take a shot at being "discovered" for Vampi's comicbook contest!
Don't those guys in Montana know, it's not nice to fool with Mother Nature? Check out who of our horror buddies have been helping us out, since 1996, with our ongoing battle to save the Yellowstone Buffalo as part of the Native American heritage! Miracle the White Buffalo (Photo courtesy of Heider Born 8/20/94)Horror Hostess And Phantasm Hero Fight For Buffalo
Come on in and see who I've hooked up with! Ya'll got a place in mind we should visit, feel free to let us know. `Cause like I said, you never know who you might meet at the Nightmarez Cafe!
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You never know who you might meet at Nightmarez Cafe!
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