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Vampi - Bio

Vampi, The Vegetarian Vampire, is the horror hostess with a southern drawl,
quick wit and soft curves.  Born a poor Bat Child in the caves of the Los Angeles Zoo,
her daddy was a Texas Fruit Bat and her momma was a Valley Ding Bat.  Batty, but nice,
a little klutzy, and a slave to fashion, Vampi LOVES to party, but has a terrible time getting
dates with her vampire hunks since she's a vegetarian and her favorite blood type is V8.

Vampi, the Vegetarian Vampire is unique as the only “vampire” character to answer the question
heretofore unanswered.  Why can vampires turn into bats, wolves, and other animals?
  Gigi Porter portrays her character with a sense of humor and a Native American twist.
“Vampi” calls upon her animal spirit guides for assistance.  “Kids can use all the
superheros they can get these days.” says Porter.  “Whenever you see vampire
films, or anything to do with Native Americans, it’s always heavy and dark.
Vampi opens a whole new market in the horror genre for a lighter vein.”

Debuting in 1974, Vampi has appeared on stage and television as a comedic, costumed, horror hostess.
You can visit the Vampi homepage on the World Wide Web at
A feature film, merchandizing, fan club and comic book are also in development.
Vampi enjoys strong popularity in the horror genre and makes live appearances,
with a fan network that spans internationally.