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 Nightmarez Cafe's Haunting Fiends on the big and little Scream! House image stolen from John Carpenter's Vampires site. 
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The Bodies...

Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire tm, Your web-Mistress of the Lighter Vein. Batty but nice and a slave to fashion! She's the horror hostess with the Southern drawl, quick wit and soft curves. Coming to you live (sort of) from Nightmarez Cafetm and  Nightmarez Cafe TVtm.

Reggie Bannister Heroic star of the Phantasm phranchise (among others), he always has some news he's just dyin' to share with Vampi and her fiends! Hear the latest on Phantasm IV: Oblivion, about Reggie's  new CD "Fool's Paradise" (featuring "Have You Seen It" included in P4) and the re-release of the oringal "Phantasm" with an added 4 minutes! (Through Orion Home Video)

The Women of Phantasm: It's a Different Take  Check out The Women of Phantasm featured in the December 1998 issue of Femme Fatales with Samantha Phillips on the cover. Then check out the behind the scenes of the FF photo shoot and the women who worked behind the scenes on P4!

Don Pedro Colley - "Ongaro" in Beneath the Planet of the Apes - August 27, 1998 was a night to remember, as the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences to celebrate the 30th year aniversary of the making of "Planet of the Apes."  A special screening of a new digitally enhanced copy by 20th Century Fox.  I had the priviledge of meeting Don at the Shrine... what a gent, and still "hunky," too! Tell `em... "Vampi" sent ya!

"Wishmaster" Evil Djinn, Andrew Divoff Reggie Bannister met his untimely death from a wish by George Buck Flower. Then there was Wishmaster 2 - now there's news of Wishmaster 3!! Let's put Regman and the Djinn toe-to-toe! Cast your vote and find more info about everyone's favorite Evil Djinn with the wicked grin!

Carel Struycken Nightmarez Cafe casts our spotlight on actor Carel Struycken - The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Men In Black, Star Trek: The Next Generation and more! He's a BIG man with a BIGGER heart.

Bill Edwards, Make-up & FX artist Featuring "EYEGORE" a special presentation to Forrest J Ackerman!

Bob May - Actor - Lost In Space Robot Well, what about Bob? OOOHHHH, if it weren't for his lovely wife, Judy,, really. Bob's always there for us. Did you know, he's a decendent of the Olson & Johnson vaudevillian team? It really is nice to work with a professional... but that robot... I don't knoooowww.

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 Vampi's Fellow Horror Hosts:

Armando Creeper and Mother! Who are they? More important, WHAT are they? Long time pals (seems like an eternity!) of Vampi, you've seen them in more conventions than you can shake a stake at... he's the horror hostess with a real chip on his shoulder... OOPS! That's just a fly.

Count Gore De Vol  Host of , he gave reason for Vampi having a voice... He'd shoot himself... if he wasn't already dead! He's got a FANG for the fairer sex... well... mostly their necks. You can see his online show every Saturday evening.

Count Smokula Count Smokula Show. He's got a `valking schtick that's a Flamingo, a cure for what ailes ya, called Buttaxon, a blond co-host named "Sensational Susie,"  and... an accordion. Go figure.
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The Theater...

Nothing at this time... sorry. Let us know if you have something to add!
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 The Movies...

  Vampi's personal take on the Phantasm phranchise and the much-talked-about Phantasm 1999. Includes some really COOL phan art!

Vampires This image totally stolen from Vampires 1998 Storm King Productions and John Carpenter A review to DIE for... for a movie that really sucks.  Vampi rips a new throat on the latest of John Carpenter's "Vampires."

  Our good buddy, Terry R. Wickham, produced and directed his latest piece, Evil Streets. In Terry's mind, "every road leads to terror..." and WE believe him! Check it out!

Stop It You're Killing Me Great new movie directed by Kenny Yakkel and Starring Michael Todd -The dead next door, Puppet Master II & III, Babylon 5 and others. You won't want to miss this! FX by Jason Matthews of Stan Winston Studios and Emmy award winner Greg Funk are just a couple of reasons you NEED to check out this one... before it check YOU out!

An American Werewolf In Paris Nightmarez Cafe and Vampi The Vegetarian Vampire present "Spotlight on An American Werewolf In Paris". Check out Vampi's review of the Premiere and a special tribute by Vampi for "Howling's" Elisabeth Brooks, 1951-1997.

Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America Great new video that will blow you away! Check it out, Halloween, haunted house lovers and all creatures of the night will dig this video! Featuring Chuck Williams, Dan Roebuck (Nash Bridges), and Bob Burns!

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The Magazine Rack
A Phantasm Phanzine 
Welcome to The Modeler's Resource

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We're not talkin' turkeys, either!
KEWL stuff...

Nightmarez Cafe TV Our own TV show, hosted by VAMPI and directed by Reggie Bannister! Check it out!

DinoTreker is a Paleo Miniturist for... well... anyone who wants a DinoRama in their home or movie. Perfectly recreated scenes that I have yet to see a photo do justice.

Monsters logo Cool dude with an attitude - Have a need to scream? Wanna tickle your brush on a figurine? Uncle Creepy can handle most anything... if it's a request for cool kits.

You, too, can "Ask the Horror Experts!" at the new site at Borders.Com that is Hot As Love!  They're just DYIN' to hear your questions on ANYthing to do with the horror genre' in movies, books, music and more! Look for Reggie and Vampi to be featured February as the happy "Valentines" for online Q&A's on movie makin.' Right now, though, ya'll can sneak a peak at Don Coscarelli's feature for November!  This is DEFINATELY a happenin' place to visit... often! Vampi gives this site a V8 with two snaps and a twist!

 Forrest J. Ackerman's the Godfather of "Sci-Fi" he's the man who invented the word and gave Vampi her start! 

The International Horror Stamp Collection Monsterishly wonderful stamps from Briton, Ireland, Canada and the US! GET YOURS! Vampi and Reggie did their part in soliciting signed petitions to help Sarah Karloff and Bela Lugosi, Jr. in this effort.

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If there's something or someone YOU'D like to shine the spotlight on... let us know!
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