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Reggie Bannister is an accomplished musician who has written, literally,
hundreds of songs... including "In My Time."
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By Neil Young
"An amazing and moving piece about a protest gone very bad long ago... but not forgotten. In looking at things today, it's amazing how history repeats itself, isn't it?"  - Gigi Fast Elk Porter
"For What It's Worth"
By Stephen Stills - Buffalo Springfield 
"I didn't write this one, but, it's appropriate to the times. 
I met Stephen through a friend of mine named Van Dyke Parks.  We played together in the `60's.  Before I knew it I was drafted and listening to the Buffalo Springfrield on the radio with their hit song, `Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.' while I lay in my barracks at Ft. Ord before being shipped to Viet Nam." - Reggie B
"In My Time"
By Reggie Bannister
"Simply an observation of human behavior... how it's always been the same and it never will change.  I think it points to the fact that only a few will ever really get it." - Reggie B
"Land of the Free"
By Reggie Bannister
"Are you free?  Is anybody really free?  How `bout checkpoints? How `bout drug testing just to get a job? How `bout racial and sexual discrimination? This song deals with it all and makes the point that - 
all of us, at some time or another, have trouble 
livin' in the land of the free." - Reggie B
"Photographs of Mars"
By Reggie Bannister
"Written by a guy I knew a long time ago in the `70's named John Harrington.  He played it real simple... `course, I arranged it in a way that - had John not heard it then - he would never have recognized it now.   It's a sweet snap shot of America."  - Reggie B
"In the City"
By Reggie Bannister
"Pretty much explains itself.   I was with a friend one day who played bitchin' bass - his name was Obie. I developed this piece by, basically, jammin' with him in his garage studio... Thanks, man, your playin' really inspired me."  Reggie B.

"Did it Feel Alright"
By Reggie Bannister
"This song is about `Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy winds up with a house all by himself.  Sky Faye and I  sat down one day - tweaked the song - I added the bridge piece, we both dug it, and I started performing it.  I thought it was a hit then... and still do." - Reggie B
"Color Me Red"
By Reggie Bannister
"This was commissioned for a major live event project that never really happened.  The American Red Cross wanted a `new image' at the time and Production Magic, Inc. (our company) was happy to provide.  Even though this song was never released we were `optioned' on the concept.... hey!  Too good of an idea to let it get away!" - Reggie B
"It Ain't Easy"
By Reggie Bannister
"David Seachrist is another one of those great musicians I have been blessed to play with.  This was at a time when I started a band with David and another gent, Bill Cone, called `The Good Band' because, well, it was a REALLY good band!"  - Reggie B
"Look At That Face"
By Reggie Bannister
"Just a really good love song... about the heartbreak of a relationship gone bad and the repetition - the cycles - that you seem to get caught in, and the reflection on that..."  - Reggie B
"This Heart of Mine"
By Reggie Bannister
"Ditto."  - Reggie B
"Hold On"
By Reggie Bannister
"I wrote this when I was the Associate Pastor in the Four Square Church.  It turned out to be too hip for the congregation. Even though I know I got this from the Heart of the Holy Spirit." - Reggie B
By Reggie Bannister
This isn't really a song... it was a poem I wrote a while back." 
-  Reggie B
"Jealous Eyes"
By Reggie Bannister
"This is, basically,  Dennis DeCastro's take on a love affair.  I came in and worked on the bridge and arrangement.  This song is hot, musically, and the lyrics convey the passion of miscommunication that can happen between lovers."  - Reggie B
"She Does it Real Good"
By Reggie Bannister
"I knew this girl... she was really cute, but, always seemed to have problems.  She had a way of wearing those problems.  She could walk into a room of people and bring `em down the minute she came through the door... she did that real good!" - Reggie B 
Here are a few more original tunes from the album, "Fool's Paradise":
"Have You Seen It?"     "Love That's Gone"
"Transmission Overdive"        "Oh, No! Not Again!"
"Fool's Paradise"
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