Stop It, You're Killing Me

"STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING ME" is a farcial tug of war between a powerful witch, Anna Wortitsky, and a ruthless, money hungry woman, Susan Vanlerberg.

Caught in the middle is Edwin Vanlerberg. Edwin is a hundred and twelve year-old multi-millionaire who is married to Susan. She, of course, only married him for his money, and has been waiting years for his natural demise - which seems not to be happening. Having had enough of the old man, she decides to help the natural order of things along by causing his much anticipated, but long overdue, expiration.

Much to her dismay, however, all her efforts - no matter how thorough, are for naught. The old man just won't pass on.

The reason Edwin continues his earthly existance is because of Anna. She has been using her magical abilities to protect Edwin. It seems that of all the spells she knows, there is one more potent than any other: a hex that will give her eternal youth, and ultimate mystical powers. Her only problem is, one of the ingredients she needs for this potion is the toenail clippings of a hundred and fifty year-old man--and those are very rare!

So Anna works hard everyday casting smaller spells that keep Edwin alive, and plans on doing so for another thirty-eight years, untill his toenails age properly. It's hard work for her, but is made more difficult by the fact that Susan is now attempting to murder Edwin.

Caught in the middle of this power struggle is William; Anna's effeminate un-dead familiar. William is a hapless, lovable, zombie who just can't seem to get a break. Not only is his duty to collect the macabre ingredients that Anna needs for her conjurations, but it is also his responsibility to run the more mundane errands that are found in every day life: Run out for coffee, stop by the store and pick up tiolet paper, infinitum.

Underpaid, and not at all appriciated, William tries to formulate a plan that will release him from his indentured servitude--and much to his surprize, he comes up with one better. William not only finds a way to get away from Anna, but he gets an idea that could give he and Edwin a new lease on life--and at the same time, giving Anna and Susan their comeuppance.

It's a risky venture, but well worth it works...if it fails, however, than it spells eternal torment for him as a result of Anna's wrath.

"STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING ME" is certain to become a CULT FAVORITE for those who love the tasteless, but hilarious mix of Horror and Comedy.