Gigi or Vampi?
Webmistress or Spider Woman?
Which is it?
Well... both, sort of.
(Spider Woman weaves the web of life.)
I haven't forsaken you guys or left the horror realm. 
There's just been a few changes in my life and that of Reggie's.
First, I've retired Vampi from doing costumed appearances
and the show.
Second, as Gigi, I have returned to a more traditional path 
regarding my Indian heritage and spiritual teachings.
Third, (get this) I'm now in pre-law at
Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA.
Fourth, Reggie and I are helping form a mentoring 
organization for kids called 
SO...we've been a little busy.
Do Reggie and I still have Production Magic, Incorporated?
Do we still have Ya Doggie Music?
Do we still make movies and personal appearances?
The answer to all of the above is YES. Just not as much.
So... feel free to visit some of the other aspects of our lives, as well.
We just ask a little patience 
in getting back to your requests for updates
to the Nightmarez Cafe pages.
ALL NATIONS: A college intertribal Native American Indian Club 
I've formed. 

ABLEZA: Native American Art & Film Institute 

BUFFALO NATIONS: The Yellowstone Buffalo are in STILL trouble! 
You can help. 

THE COOKING POST: Native American Foods 

INDEX Native American Resources on the Internet 

INTERNET LAW LIBRARY: Native American and Indian tribal law 

LOOKS FOR BUFFALO: Floyd Hand's site of sprituality and 
traditional teachings 

NATIVE AMERICAN: Links to resources and organizations 

NATIVE AMERICAN cerimonials 

NATIVE STUDENTS: Native American students at Princeton 
NATIVE WEB: For indigenous peoples around the world. 

NAIJC:  Native American Indian Justice Center 

OCB: "Old Country Book Store" a traditional trading post and newspaper 

POWER SOURCE: Art gallery of power symbols 

RECIPE: Indian Fry Bread recipe at Native Tech 

RUSSELL MEANS: Activist, spiritual leader, man. Russell will tell you "I am an American Indian. We're the only culture with the name American first." 

SCIC: Southern California Indian Center 

SHOEWOLF DESIGNS:   A lot of wonderful links and resources 
SOUTHERN POW WOW: Traditional teachings and etiquette for pow wow and ceremonies.  (Very informative!) 

STROUD FLUTES: Native American Flutes and WAV files.