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and a TWIST!"


FINALLY!  A horror movie we can RAVE about instead of RANT.

"From Hell" (directed by brother twins Albert and Allen Hughes, written by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell) stars Johnny (Oh,  my gawd, he's so gorgeous) Depp as the opium addicted Inspector Frederick George Abberline and Heather (LOVE those lips-n-hips) Graham as the prostitute, Mary Kelley, with whom he falls in lust and love.

This is an adaptation of the graphic novel by Alan Moore.  Not having read the book ourselves, we're told by fellow phans they are pleasantly suprised how much of the story was intact.  [Book Synopsis: Alan (Watchmen, V for Vendetta) Moore and Eddie (Bacchus, Alec) Campbell finally collect From Hell, wherein they exhume the rancid body of the Whitechapel murders, using fiction as a scalpel they cut open Jack the Ripper's crimes and show those glittering entrails for the world's delight.  Which can be ordered from  or 

This is the kind of original twisty-windy plot that is SO refreshing from the run-of-the-mill story-dribble we of the horrorkind get handed every October as the token tribute to the fest of souls.  This is so NOT the tale for you scaredie cat blood wussies. 

The guts-cuts - coupled with meatie plots, jump scares, and nightmarez scenes - are worthy of Hitchcock-ian caliber.  We were TOTALLY suprised to not see our favorite blood house, KNB Effects, in the credits!!!  Could have SWORN the last scene was a total Bobby Kurtzman signature or, at the very least, our mentor sex pistol, Tom Savini.  Alas and alac, it is the bloody artistic hands of Neill Gorton and Steve Painter (winning scream team for "Hellbound: Hellraiser," "Saving Private Ryan") and SFX wizzary of George Gibbs

Art direction is superb and the costumes well researched and we didn't hear a fake accent in the bunch. 

The ONLY failing this film had was the idiotic - NAY!  STUPID- choice of  the Marilyn Manson credit music!  There we were all nice and spookied in a delightfuly mournful way one can only get after a really good horror flick when, SUDDENLY, one's SLAPPED across the ass with screaming incomprehensable totally-NOT-related-lyrics.  A VERY rude awakening to an otherwise delightful nightmare!   I give this film TWO SNAPS and a TWIST!