This page is TOTALLY dedicted to kids and the kid at heart in honor of our favorite holiday
(or one of them)... enjoooooooooy! ^..^
(Oh! Cuz there's so many picture thingies, ti may take awhile to load. - Vampi)
Happy Halloween!
From Vampi the Vegetarian Vampire Copyright 1997 - Meet ma pet, Fluffy. He lives in the basement... there's a good reason.
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the Vegetarian Vampire
Spooky images!
They're FREE - take one!
Okay, okay. Ya'll can take 'em all. But leave some room for your dinner, `cuz we're eatin' at:
 Brain's just my favorite cartoon hero... but don't tell him I called him a cartoon!
HEY! Did these bats make that mess in your room? 
Meeee-ilk, pleeeeeeze! MmmmmmmeeeOW! Chocolate! I'm such a cRaZy CoW!
 Yo quiero, Vampi's veggies!
Duh.... BOO! Did I scare ya? 
Gotta jet!
Check back sooooooooon!