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Online Games 

Universal Studios Website - Ghoulish Games 

Elvira - Escape The Haunted Mansion 

Jurassic Park 

Sci Fi Site's - The Cryptkeepers Catacombs 

Haunted House Game 


Haunted Carnival 

Arcade Alley - Play WebFrog and WebInvaders. 

 BLIP! Internet Playground - Including Sumo and multiplayer chess. review 

Candystand Arcade - Interactive games from Lifesavers.

 ClubFunny Games & Animation - Variety of
 Shockwave and Web games. 

 CyberArcade - Games from the Ingenius KidStation. 

 Donut Boy - Collect donuts to win this Shockwave game.

Headball - Shockwave pong with a human head; two players. 

Hit the Heckler - Solitaire Shockwave baseball gamefrom GameLand. 

Pop Rocket's Shockwave Game Arena 

 Shockwave Blackjack - Play the classic card game, Shockwave style! 

 Shockwave Games Index - Another guide to the best Shockwave gaming sites. 

 Warner Bros. Games Gallery! - Shockwave fun from WB.

Recommended Web Sites

CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade - Games like Alien Defender, Rapid Fire, & Golf

GameBlasts - Gamestorm brings you shocked variations on the Asteroids theme, 
set in different locales. 

GameLand - Cool Shockwave games. review 

SportsLine Arcade - Shockwave sports games: golf, baseball, football, trivia,etc. 

Some games need Shockwave.
Download Shockwave from the Shockwave site here.
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