Come sit by my fire
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Come, sit by my fire.
In these, the darkest hours of the night.
And do not be afraid.
For this is no ordinary fire.
No, for the light of this fire
Is the light of wisdom
And lights the minds of men.
And drives away the darkness of night
And ignorance
So that we need not be afraid.
The warmth of this fire
is love
That warms us against the cold winds of winter,
and hate.
So that the hearts of men will not sicken
and die.
And here, in this place,
We are not alone.
Oh, there is darkness beyond the fire.
But the darkness is filled.
For there,
Are the spirits of the old people
That lived on this land.
And they would not go away.
For in every place
They found great beauty
and happiness.
And they dwell here yet still,
In this place...
In the echoes... of the Night.
   From "Echoes of the Night" © 1987, 1992
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