(Why coyote crys in the night and how the stars were created.)
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Coyote greeting howl
 When the Great Father had finished all his work,
Creating the Universe and the Earth...
He saw the night sky was dark and empty.
He decided to put bright tiny points of light into the sky.
And so He returned to the Earth
And from the prairie He gathered tiny flowers called
Prairie Stars
And placed them into a great bag.
And so, He carefully placed the tiny star flowers into the sky
One by one in a row.
The stars were in a perfect and fine pattern.
Perfect, just like beads.
When the Great Father had finished,
The sun had risen and it was morning
And He was tired, indeed.
He decided to rest awhile and await the night sky
So that He might put up more stars
In a fine and perfect pattern
Just like beads.
Soon, Great Father laid Himself upon the Earth
And fell fast asleep
Beneath a mighty tree which grew in that place.
His great bag by his side.
Then, along came the one we call Coyote...
Now, Coyote is a dog.
Like a dog, he is always thinking of good things to eat.
The only thing in his heart and mind is food.
Coyote came to that place where the Great Father
Lay fast asleep.
Coyote saw the great bag beside the Creator.
"Hmmm." said Coyote "There is the Creator sound asleep.
Beside him is a great bag filled with something.
I'll be there are many good things to eat in that bag.
Oh, I know he has given us enough to eat...
But I bet he has saved the best things for himself.
I am going to take that bag and look inside and see!
And then, I will put it back before he awakens,
He will never know it was me."
And so, Coyote crawled very carefully and silent
Right up next to the Great Father.
He took the great bag in his teeth
And ran off to find a safe place to hide and look inside.
But, as he ran, he tripped and fell on the rocks of that place
And tears the bag open in his teeth!
All the stars splashed out ALL over the sky...
A great mess, indeed.
Just then, the Great Father awoke from His sleep.
The first thing He sees upon opening His eyes
Are His beautiful stars scattered
All across the sky
There stood Coyote with the bag in his teeth
and He knows Coyote's heart.
"Coyote! Look what you have done!" Scolded the Creator.
"For I wished to put those stars in the sky
In a fine and pefect pattern
just like beads.
So that when men and animals
Looked out to see
Such beauty would there be
That they would, at last,
Come to know something truly of Me.
NOW what will they think?
Look at the mess you have made!"
Coyote looked up into the night sky,
And shame filled his heart
As tears filled his eyes.
And Coyote bagan to cry.
And so it is...
This is why, when we look up into the night time sky,
We see stars scattered every which way
Like grains of sand.
The great mess that Coyote has made.
And this is why,
When darkness comes to the lands of the Earth
Coyotes everywhere,
The great-grandchildren of First Coyote of long ago,
Look up with shame...
and Coyotes cry...
In the night.
From "Echoes of the Night" © 1987, 1992
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