VAMPI REVIEWS                        

An open invitation to get acquainted with our little crypt. A coven of vampires that play by their own rules... A gruesome twist on the holidays... A writer gets the chance of a lifetime...and a lot more than she bargained for! Includes "Reality," "Naughty," "Silver Service," and "Most Accidents Happen In The Home" as well as a teaser of "Under The Tonaco Star." This is a VERY limited edition printing and will soon be a collector's item so get a copy now! Limited edition signed lithograph also available.

SILVER SERVICE:  An intreging tale of the accounts and redemption for Vampires with wagging tongues. Gives new meaning to "Girls night out!"

MORE ACCIDENTS HAPPEN IN THE HOME DON'T THEY?:  A gruesome tale of "Shit Happens."

REALITY:  Bites... no REALLY, I only made it 7 pages of 47 total before I lost interest.

NAUGHTY:  A deliciously EVIL Christmas Story - the kind I like - all guts and gorey!

Excerpts from: 
UNDER THE CONOCO STAR:  Cute - but without teeth.

Coming soon!

This upcoming Coffin Tales release puts a whole new twist on old favorites and includes: "Sweet Sweet" - Were Hansel and Gretel really good children; "A Tisket A Tasket" - Something isn't right about Little Red and the wolf; and several others Disney would never dare to do! Stay tuned!